Why we could not do The Carol Burnett Show today!


Image curtsey of Wikipedia via Creative Commons

I recently did a re-watch of the Carol Burnett show which got me thinking.

First off, can I just say that it hold up fairly well. Though some of the jokes are a little dated, the delivery and over all humor had me laughing out loud for almost the whole episode – every episode. Between the slapstick, and the delightful crackups that you can only get on live TV, the show just had me in hysterics. It was like you are a fly on the wall while you watch a group of friends be silly and try to crack each other up.

It really is something that everyone should watch, or re-watch.

Secondly, I was saddened by the thought by the thought that there is no way a show like this could happen today.

There was a couple key component that made the show great – cast, writing, and performances not withstanding – and there is really no way the components could be used today.

Audience participation.

Carol always went and talked to the audience every episode. She took questions, and provided thoughtful answers ever show (I think it was 2 a night when it aired). There was also the use of audience enjoyment in the episode. Intentionally or not (and I tend to think it was), the audience laughter and polite clapping was part of the skits – even framing scenes in some cases.

Sadly I don’t think this could ever happen today.

Society is just not quiet enough, or respectful enough today to be able to quietly clap to frame the scene. Nor could they be counted on to ask respectful, thoughtful questions.



I believe I am right though.

Even if I am not, with the advent of always on smart phones, and people with constant twitters and facebooks, at the least there would be constant audience distraction, and at best there would be tweets like ‘lawls, C.B. skit funny. ___spoiler here____”.

Not to mention the constant duck face selfies from the audience tagged “At the CB Show!”

I just don’t think in this technocentric – self involved – world a show that count on audience participation in that way could work.

Perhaps my faith in humanity has become a bit jaded as of late. Watching people paying more attention to their devices then each other has no doubt frustrated me a fair bit, but as this is currently the state of the world, it changes – everything.

We are not the same society as before.

We are to self-involved.

We are to arrogant.

We are to rude.

We are to distracted.

This makes me sad.

Some of the great things of the past, can never happen again.

The magic, is gone.

I kind of wish sometimes that people were forced to unplug – Revolution style – so they could learn to reconnect.

We could learn to be… People, again.

Blog 10 year anniversary!


What a long strange trip its been.

Can’t believe I have been doing this damn blog thing for 10 years this year.

You would think I would have had more profound revelations by now. I have had some good ones. Learned a lot about myself. Grown as a person. Changed – or more like became – who I am. It’s kinda a crazy bumpy journey.

Yet here we are.

Friends, have come and gone.

Loves have came and went.

Passions have evolved – matured.

And yet here we are.

I would have though, I dunno… It would have been a deeper journey.

Then again, I think about how I have changed – which is substantially – how I have evolved. My realizations… Its been a pretty damn deep journey!

It has been one hell of a ride.

And as I get comfortable in my new skin, as I continue to grow, and evolve, the ride will continue to be amazing.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!

Coming with?

Death Become Her


We start our lives young, innocent, reckless, invincible. We can hide in this – personal paradox – for years, even decades, until one day we finally have our first personal brush with death. Maybe it is a loved pet, or grandparent, friend, or even parent, but sometime in our young lives we experience death close to us, and we become forever changed.

We become mortal.

It really isn’t until this self discovery of mortality that we really realize how fragile we are. Sure, we have heard the tales, and understand that we are all just temporary here on this earth, but we don’t truly feel it until death touches us.

It has to be personal.

It has to be close.

And it makes us mortal.

We become forever changed, more cautious, less reckless. We see our elders as… Well older. We feel the fur of our four legged companions and ponder on the fact that one day…

‘Why so morbid?’ you may ask.

Truth is, this is just an interesting thought experiment.

Obviously we are not invincible, or immortal until we are touched by death, but it can sure feel like it. We leap from higher ledges, drive faster, climb further, swim deeper. We take for granted the fact that our families, friends, loved ones, even beloved pets will always be there… Until one day we come to understand.

They wont.

Or, even worse.

We wont.

That is the crux of it isn’t it… One day, we will leave someone, or be left alone.

I think back in my life, to all the family, friends, and yes even furry companions I have lost, and I am filled with an epic sadness on how I will never see them again. How I will never get to talk, or walk, or even sit in silence with them again.

They are gone.

And we will go on.

We always go on.

We must go on.

So we do.

We wonder off to the drudgery of our daily lives, putting things off, and moving on. We keep going to work, or school. We spend more time with friends, and family always remembering to say – I love you – because one day…

You can’t.

Yet, we still won’t climb as high, leap as far, swim as deep, drive as fast.

Because we are afraid.

We don’t want to go.

Who, really, wants to go.

But… If we don’t experience life…

Are we then already dead?

The Creative Suck…


I am a creative person.

I have been my whole life.

I have been into music, photography, and writing as long as I can remember. In fact one of my fondest childhood memories is stealing my mom’s camera and blowing through rolls of film.

But I have also been a Geek. I love technology, I love games, I love comics. All geeky things.


The problem is, these work in direct opposition.

I have made my career in IT.

This is a mega brain drain. You come home after a hard days work, where you give all you got, you mind is a complete creative suck.


It is a complete creative suck.

I couldn’t do anything creative if I tried.


I will look at a blank page, or through my camera’s lens, and it’s like my brain is oozing out my ears. The best I can do is come home after work (which is midnight which makes this exponentially worse) and rot my brain. I watch TV, or movies, or read (as long as I’m not trying to absorb), or a mindless game (not a mindful one for sure), for a couple hours to just try and shut down from the day. By the time I could even muster some form of creativity, my brain is cooked, and I am tired.

In the morning, I am way to tired to tackle anything creative.

Rinse. Repeat.


This has created for me, my creative suck.

So how do I over come this?

I have been trying to get out every weekend and shoot pictures. This has been helping a lot, but I still just cant get past the suck during the week and I need to find a solution.


It is like living in two worlds with a huge juxtaposition.

I also have started backup a diet and fitness regiment because, its the good thing to do, so I am doing this, but it also is part of the creative suck problem.

I just keep wracking my brain on how to make time for my passions of creativity, while I enjoy my work with the passions of technology.


Then there is the awkwardness of my schedule. The hours I work, mean I cannot see my friends and family except for my days off (Friday/Saturday), so that is time away too! Though it doesn’t add to the suck per-say, it takes away time from the suck relief. I wouldn’t trade time with them for anything though, its just… Time. I need some.


I try to include my friends in my passions, but not all of them are into all of it, so it makes it interesting.

So what do I do?

I need for myself to resolve the creative suck. It is impacting my tech passions / work in that I just feel drained. My performance isn’t effected, but I am just exhausted ALL. THE. TIME. This means I am sleeping more, which is eating MORE time. In fact, I am pretty sure I am running in a sleep debt, and its adding to the suck.


So how do I fix the creative suck? How do I get out of my vortex of exhaustion and brain drain? I am not going to be off the midnight shifts anytime soon. Nor am I getting normal weekends anytime soon… So how do I work around it? I get up early so I have daylight, but if I instead stayed up after work more than a couple hours would I get my creativity back? Or will that screw me more socially?

I know I’m not the first, only, or last person to go through this… So… How do I fix it?

All the pictures are ones I have taken recently, and the full sets can be seen on My Flickr Page. Check em out and let me know what you think!

My passions fulfilled